Horizon Series - Family of Gulls

Image of Horizon Series - Family of Gulls

This series in glass was started many years ago by glass artist, Kathy Seff. It has become a local Long Island favorite for gift giving. Made in a variety of shades of blue and several sizes, these hangings give you that sense of serene calm, and grounding we all seek from taking the time to view a horizon line! Now also creating in sepia tones, rose hues and other monochramtic shades. However this Horizon Series is one of the original blue combinations that will continue! Minimalistic design but bold blues that keep the actual horizon line in the glass a focal point.

Enjoy yours today, or send as a gift!!

This Horizon Series in Cobalt, measures 5" wide x 4" high and has pewter chain for hanging on a window or wall! Hand signed by artist.

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